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Brit Taylor is a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get-kinda” gal.  Whether you get to know her in person or through her music, you quickly learn that the country singer/songwriter, born and raised in eastern Kentucky’s Appalachian Mountains, embraces the traits of her home – family, faith and community – while expressing her independence with a sense of beauty, honor and humor. Today, she is devoted to artistic integrity, making music that matters, making music that has merit, making music that would make her Appalachian ancestors proud.

         With three albums, a Grand Ole Opry debut and coast-to-coast touring under her belt, Brit has found her inner self and uses it as a guiding star for how she lives, how she writes and how she sings.

What started out seemingly easy didn’t stay that way.  Born in tiny Hindman, Kentucky, she grew up with parents who challenged her to do the best she could do and be the best she could be and always do both with integrity.  She debuted on the Kentucky Opry when she was 7 years old, belting out country solos on that stage until she turned 17.  With her high school diploma in hand and her beloved bulldog, Ali, in the back seat, she headed for Nashville to chase her life-long dream.  Four years later – now with a college degree in hand, an internship turned into a real publishing deal, and a small band of her own – the dream seemed real. She listened to the industry pros, she worked hard, she believed.  Until it all came crashing down.  A marriage gone bad, industry execs urging the traditionalist to become more “commercial” and the death of her canine buddy all led Brit to realize that, in chasing the dream, she had lost the most important thing – herself.

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