Special Septemberfest Appearance

Singer/Songwriter Kelsie May is someone many describe as an old soul. Her dynamic vocals and distinct ability to write songs that captivate audiences from every age group sets her apart from the mainstream, causing many to believe that she is destined for a broader scene. The vast number of superstars born and raised along Highway 23, Kelsie’s home region, is astounding, leading many to believe there’s something extra special about the hollers that surround the area.

Singing all her life, but not landing on stage until the mere age of thirteen, Kelsie has already contributed remarkable light into the Country Music world. After quickly being introduced to Bernard Porter, President and Founder of PCG Nashville, she was invited to train at the coveted and leading artist development company in Nashville, Tennessee. “Kelsie is an incredibly gifted artist with an equally beautiful spirit. She’s learned from some of the greatest artists in the world and incorporated a piece of each one into her own unique sound and style. The combination is stunning.

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