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Frequently Asked Questions

-Festival entry and all entertainment is free of charge thanks to our generous sponsors.


-We expect very large crowds both Friday and Saturday. Space will be limited to what the closed city streets can accommodate and is on a first come first serve basis. 

-Lawn chairs are allowed, but coolers are not. Unattended chairs left all day  are not permitted

-Car show entry is $10 and info can be found in the activities section of this page. 

-Vendor setup begins at 5pm Thursday 9/7/2023, Staff will be present to direct you to your spot, if you haven't already been notified of one. 

-Ride prices vary and is set by the carnival operator, tickets for rides can only be purchased at the ticket booth at the festival


-Entertainment times and info as well as other festival info is available at on this website and and on our facebook page at

- You should be prepared for large crowds at the festival, we ask that you please exercise patience and enjoy all the fun and entertainment. 


We apologize for not being able to respond personally to each message and hope everyone enjoys the festivities!

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