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Connor Dale and Rachel Messer

Rachel Messer-a singer-songwriter raised up a little holler in Fort Gay, WV, draws her inspiration from the country and bluegrass greats before her. She pens her lyrics with a straightforward “say it how you see it” style, true to her Appalachian roots. With performances all over the United States, her time on Team Blake (Season 15 of NBC’s The Voice), and fans across the world, Rachel has worked hard to spread her voice and love for storytelling.

Conner Dale- Folk/Alternative Country singer-songwriter, sings letters, stories, and the things he sees happening in the world. Kentucky born and New Orleans raised, he pulls from the life he’s lived in both parts of the country, creating a unique urban-folk writing style. 

Together they perform as a multi-instrumental husband/wife duo; complete with the love, banter, and chemistry showcased in their presence on stage. They’re no stranger to hard work, from the struggles of being independent artists, to building their own 380 square ft. tiny home by hand… even living with no electricity for a season. Nestled in the hills of Louisa, Kentucky, the home has inspired many songs for the two; writing about the struggles, and the joys of the life they live. 

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